Love doesn't need much.
Just a pure heart and a loving soul.

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Yep ^^


All About SJ :

  • DVD1

  • DVD 1-4. Mafia Game [eng sub]

  •  DVD 2-3. at Jakarta HOTEL [eng sub]
  • DVD 3-1. PREVIEW Photoshoot

  • DVD 3-4.7th Anniversary Party

  • DVD4-1.TWINS making & Debut [eng sub]
  • Sexy, Free & Single MV Making [eng sub]
  • Sorry Sorry Answer MV Making [eng sub]

  • It’s You MV Making[eng sub]

  •  Candid camera[eng sub]

  •  Cooking Cooking MV Making[eng sub]

  • Pajama Party MV Making[eng sub]

  •  joint birthday party[eng sub]

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Top 5/10 pics → Eunhae → request by anonymous

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August 1, 2014 11:57 am


make me choose → asked by anon

↳ Donghae’s teeth or Donghae’s eyes

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Holy shit look at dat BUTT 0.0

Holy shit look at dat BUTT 0.0

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Go on and tear me apart
And do it again tomorrow
I almost forgot who you are
I try to forget about it every time I see you,
Thought I could do without you
Now I know I need you

Love is so insane…

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when you thought all he wanted was a handshake… 

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Who would have thought that our little anchovy is stronger than siwon kkk

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um donghae, …oops?

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